The Dala Horses made in Lindsborg have been adopted from the northern Swedish Province of Dalarna. The earliest horses were not painted. Bishop Joannes Rudbeckius (1581-1646) in a sermon given in September of 1624, listed "cards, dice, whistle pipes, dolls, wooden horses, love songs, foolish paintings and more of the like" as "frivolities... which serve no other purpose than vanity, sin,and ungodliness" Today these frivolities are painted red and exported around the world.The Lindsborg Dala Horses are usually made as an exterior name or address sign. They are not used for frivilous purposes...

Bishop Rudbeckius quote is from


by Anne Marie Rådström

The definitive book on horses from Sweden is available in Swedish and English. Anne Marie Rådström visited the United States and of course Lindsborg in 1990 to research the existance of Dala Horses in the U.S.

Richard Miller has made dala horses for thirty years. He owns one that is eight feet high that he takes to art fairs. He is now collecting one of each style made in the U.S. You may order a dala horse from him at-

YOCOP P.O.Box 485 Lindsborg,KS.67456

The Hemslöjd in Lindsborg
also makes dala horse plaques
at 201 North Main Stree

Phone 785-227-2053

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